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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Abdul Alim Bhuiyan:
Contribution of Real Estate Sector in Bangladesh

Jerome Coffinet:
Is the office real estate market overvalued? Insights from France

Ezgi Deryol:
A Hedonic Analysis of Price Movements in Commercial Properties in the Retail Sector

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Chihiro Shimizu:
Alternative Land Price Indexes for Commercial Properties in Tokyo

Elisa Guglielminetti:
Forecasting house prices in Italy

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Stefan Hofbauer:
The optimal balance of regional depth, transaction numbers and index quality using the example of the Austrian RPPI

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Chris Jenkins:
The difficulties in developing commercial property price indices for the United Kingdom

Erdi Kizilkaya:
Analysis of Spatial Effects in House Prices

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Jacek Łaszek:
A simple model of the housing market and the detection of cycles

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Paulo Fernando Mahaz Simões:
Laspeyres House Price Indices Based on Pseudo Housing Units

Eric Nielsen:
Measuring Aggregate Housing Wealth: New Insights from an Automated Valuation Model

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Friday, 22 February 2019

Kerem Yavuz ASLANLI:
Impact of sentiment on markets: Twitter sentiment and property prices

Kate Burnett-Isaacs:
Developing Residential Property Price Indexes at Statistics Canada: Innovative approaches to closing gaps, acquiring data and overcoming challenges

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Marcelo Cajias:
Understanding real estate investments through big data goggles

Kate Burnett-Isaacs:
Developing Land and Structure Price Indexes for Ottawa Condominium Apartments

Anik Lacroix:
Implementation of a national linked database of residential property characteristics and owners: The case of the Canadian Housing Statistics Framework (CHSP)

Doron Sayag:
A Nowcasting Model for the House Price Index in Israel

Michael Scholz:
Combining House Price Indices in Temporal Hierarchies

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Markus Teske:
Development of a subnational dimension of the German HPI

Johanna Vuorio:
Renewing of the hedonic price index for existing single-family houses and plots

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Sofie Waltl:
Tracking Owners’ Sentiments: Subjective Macroeconomic Indicators for Owner-Occupied Housing in Europe

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